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Amanda (Shannon Lucio): A young woman saved from being hit by a bus by George, who was himself subsequently dragged several yards by the bus and dies.

She proposes to her husband, Eric, before he is shipped out by the military to be stationed in Iraq.

He s very chatty and tells the doctors about his and Alex s troubled childhood.

He reappears in Season 3 as part of Meredith s dream after her near-drowning.

We tumbled out of the bed to the floor and in her struggle to get away, she moved her legs and her lower body under her bed, preventing her from getting away or kicking me,' he wrote according to the Macon Telegraph.

The concentration of water vapor (a greenhouse gas) varies significantly from around 10 ppm by volume in the coldest portions of the atmosphere to as much as 5% by volume in hot, humid air masses, and concentrations of other atmospheric gases are typically quoted in terms of dry air (without water vapor).

Callie Torres s family Uncle Berto: Callie s uncle, whom she assumes might be gay, saying, he hasn t been single for 60 years for no reason robert adamson dating erica.

Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez): Arizona s ex-wife and attending orthopedic surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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Bill Portman (Ryan Devlin): Husband of Mary Portman.In the Season 8 finale, he is meant to fly with other surgeons to perform a procedure at Boise Memorial.She thinks Cristina should focus more on getting married and less on her career.This is quite logical because in order for one relationship to grow, you must date like-minded people.

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Over the years, the site has gained a lot of popularity because of its high quality features and higher success rate when it comes to helping elite singles find perfect match for sugar daddy-type relationship., FACS Authority figure and former Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace, Richard has had a difficult past, characterized by affairs and alcoholism robert adamson dating erica.

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